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Cooperative value creation - cross-company success

The business world is the fulcrum for change. Due to technological changes, dynamic markets and increasing global competition, companies are forced to rethink their innovation strategies. The following quote describes the current market situation of many companies: "A comfort zone is beautiful place but nothing ever grows there". Growth only occurs where innovation takes a strategically fundamental position. New concepts and business ideas abound. Companies often face limitations in implementing their visions and ideas. Here, through diverse strategies of collaboration, these limits can be overcome and new successful business models can emerge.

In an exciting presentation by Dr. Friedrich Böttcher, we gained a comprehensive insight into the relevance and advantages of cooperative business models. Current trends are predominantly focused on strategic partnerships, networking and cross-company concepts.

  • The first stage describes the concept of "networking". Networking describes the concept of developing networks. The disadvantage of networking is that networks do not generate value. The expectation here is far from liabilities and only generates the exchange of knowledge. The application in a business context is not always mandatory here.

In the relationship of collaborative value creation, several companies work for a predefined goal/product/service. There is a lack of resources, knowledge or competencies from the company's own resources, for which other companies are called upon. The scope for action is limited here and leads to a predefined goal.

A particularly interesting concept, which is being used more and more, is cooperative value creation. The concept is simple: If we take two companies with different competencies, put them in a room and stimulate a conversation for the development of an innovative product or service according to their strengths, this can result in an idea that is far from the imagination of the individual company. When companies can learn from each other in a constructive atmosphere, they accelerate digital development - and increase their value. What can be the result? Here's an example: early on, Procter&Gamble realized that innovation is an indispensable growth driver and that an internal innovation process cannot promise long-term success. They launched the "Connect + Develope" program. An open innovation initiative that involves external companies in the internal processes. In the meantime, this concept has been able to achieve sustainable success for certain areas of the company (packaging, processes and products). In cooperation with individuals and small companies, the network extends to more than 500 companies. The goal behind this is to constantly align and satisfy customer needs with new innovative and sustainable products. This cooperative relationship opens up opportunities for all involved and fosters long-term relationships with innovators. In this way, Procter&Gamble secures its innovation excellence in the long term and an outstanding position in the market environment. What do we take away: In Cooperative Value Creation...

- the targeted, strategic and systematic bundling of valuable resources such as: Knowledge, Competencies, Insights, Time, Manpower, Financial Resources.

- The partners involved can gain new options for action and access to new markets.

- Teams can free themselves from the constraints of their own organization in Cooperative Value Creation with other teams.

- Teams can bring new energy and knowledge into their own organization through Cooperative Value Creation.

- The instrument of Cooperative Value Creation enables the management of complexity through integration into highly competent networks.

- The instrument of Cooperative Value Creation can lead to the strengthening of one's own entrepreneurial efficiency and effectiveness.

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