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Future strategy

The future is the result of our decisions and actions today.

While many decisions in everyday business are based on experiences and insights from the past, we open up another perspective in decision-making for our clients with the scientific methods of futurology.

In fact, futures research is the scientifically recognized discipline of "systematic and critically scientific investigation of questions of possible future developments ... in the technical, economic and social fields."

We specialize in using futurology methods to analyze our clients' business models - with the goal of creating a future picture of their business model in 7 - 10 years in joint workshops. Future-proof.

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Development of a strategy

for the future

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You get a picture of the future world in which you will will operate - fed by our research and qualitative in-depth interviews with innovation drivers

Discover the facets of your future with us


We are living in one of the most exciting times in a long time. For companies that set out early to shape the future, numerous new opportunities are just emerging. The continuous development of technology and the interconnectedness of this world are opening up markets and opportunities that were hardly conceivable in the past.

Many large companies no longer limit themselves to their original business model, but are continually expanding it (e.g. Amazon: from book business to cloud provider).

In particular, we are opening new doors for our medium-sized customers to tap into these markets at an early stage and consequently help shape the market.

For us, it is important to develop these insights together with the customer's management - little creates more friction in shaping the future than different assumptions and levels of knowledge regarding future opportunities.

The diagram shows our approach in simplified form.

+  10 years

Future is made by the people who have necessary means, power or ideas



With a view to the future business model, we are working out the necessary steps backwards to today 


We support customers in developing their business models 10 years from now

Roadmap│Action Plan

for the next

1-3 years

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