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Treffen zum Unternehmenskonzept


As a boutique recruitment provider, we focus on your individual staffing needs. Together with our corporate partners, we analyze the specific personnel requirements and identify qualified team players who grow together in the company and make a difference.

As many client examples impressively demonstrate, employers are simply more effective with the right employees. With our vast expertise in placing specialists of specialists, professionals and executives, we design a smooth hiring process for our clients.

We listen carefully to the applicants in order to understand their competencies, interests and wishes on a very individual basis and to bring the right people together.

Let's recruit the right team players -
in permanent employment or as a freelancer


Executive search

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Team Meeting_edited_edited.jpg

Scaling Start-ups



Especially in the area of IT recruitment, we have unique expertise that we are glad to put at your disposal:

We act as a partner to demanding, highly innovative product as well as technology companies and meet their specific requirements by recruiting highly qualified employees.

Network / Security /

Desktop Support

Data Science &

Data Engineering

Front / Back End

Development &


Scrum Master,

Agile Coach &

Product Owner

DevOps / SRE

Public & Private Cloud



Active, confidential search

Market overview with options for action

Solution oriented consulting

In depth


Executive Search


Some positions are difficult to fill or require a high level of discretion - for a variety of reasons. This is exactly where we come in.


For our clients, we fill key positions with people who make a difference.


Our quality is recognizable by the fact that our clients do not go through several profiles, but we present only a few suitable candidates.

Start-up structure


We accompany Start-ups from the early founding phase to scaling - because rapid growth is a special challenge for every company.


The skills and experience needed for every growth stage is different and it is important to bring on
the right skills fort he next stage to ensure long-term growth.


Togehter, we discuss your long-term strategy and create a staffing plan that sets you up for success.

Startup aufbau.png

Determination of demand for skilled workers

Trends in the 


Changes in the

working world

Corporate strategy

Need for skilled workers

in the company 

Internally available capacities and potential

-  Translation of the 

   strategy into concrete

   employee needs

-  Matching of existing

   workforce (incl. skills)

-  Assumption of fluctuation,

   retirement, etc.

External demand

for skilled workers

-  Procurement of external

   specialists (freelance and

   permanent employment)

-  Definition of partners

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